"I’d been interested in trying CrossFit for a while, but there weren’t any gyms around Kendal so I was excited when I heard Westmorland CrossFit was opening in Kendal. I sent an e-mail to Liam who invited me to come down and have a look at the gym and have a chat with them. I was made to feel welcome from the moment I walked through the door - Westmorland CrossFit is family run and you couldn’t ask for a nicer bunch of people. I was a bit worried about what to expect so Liam asked if I wanted to come down and watch a class, which really helped. It made me feel much better about starting as I realised everyone is at different levels and is working towards their own best.

My fitness and strength has improved so much since I started in August and I particularly love the weightlifting side. CrossFit makes weightlifting much more accessible for women as it doesn’t have the intimidation that weights sections in conventional gyms can have and everyone is so supportive of each other. It’s this sense of support that makes CrossFit so different to other forms of exercise. I have made some great friends here and it’s a real little community. CrossFit has really changed my attitude to fitness. It’s the first time in my life that I’ve ever really enjoyed exercising and I always look forward to going, even if I’m tired.

In the future I hope to do some competitions and work on improving my cardio fitness, which is a weakness for me at the moment. I still plan on getting plenty of PBs with the weightlifting though! I’d love to be able to do strict pull-ups too."


"I had never heard of CrossFit before until a work colleague told me that a CrossFit box was opening in Kendal. Being nosey and wanting to know what CrossFit was I Youtube'd it that night and WOW!!!! I wanted to be those fit people I saw on that video called the 'CrossFit games' I then went onto the Westmorland Facebook page to check it out. It looked all nice and new, I was interested but kept thinking it was too far to travel as I live near Kirkby Lonsdale. Then the big problem, convincing my husband who wasn't interested at all! I showed him videos on YouTube I was excited about it but could I manage to win him round to my idea of thinking? Yes he cracked, I did it.

So we booked into the fundamental classes. I remember being at work that day and thinking about going after work I had butterflies in my tummy all day and struggled to eat lunch, I kept thinking what if I can't do something? which was silly as CrossFit can be scaled!

Then we arrived I was deep breathing in the car and trying to ease my nerves I walked into the building I felt sick. There was a massive rig that was really high, big weights, cages and big bumper plates!!! What the hell had I done I didn't want to break my lovely manicured nails lol!!!!!

It was a full class of 10 of all ages and all abilities and all shapes and sizes, we introduced ourselves my stomach was still in bits. Wow that hour past I was on a complete high I wanted to stay and do more. The car journey on the way home went fast as all we talked about was CrossFit! I was well and truly in love with CrossFit from my first class. Fundamentals 2 I was really scared again but then after I couldn't wait for the next one and the next and the next.

YouTube was getting smashed I wanted to be as fit as the pro's. When I stared CrossFit I couldn't even lift a 20kg barbell or didn't even want to attempt to jump on the big scary rig, and the pain my body went through at first (want this to be honest) well it hurt!!! 5 months in and I'm squatting more than my body weight, lifting 40kg above my head, doing pull ups on that rig that isn't even scary anymore and I achieved a muscle up. My stamina and fitness has improved massively and my body shape is changing and I love the results.

  Lifting heavy weights doesn't mean you are going to get BIG muscles ladies!!! I actually feel really confident about how my body is changing. It's not like going to a gym that's boring and you have to make yourself go, you actually want to go and achieve more then what you did last week!

  But above all I have never met a bunch of people that are so friendly and amazing! Liam are coach is great he has patience and always takes his time to show us the movements and doesn't  get annoyed if I can't do something. Lisa and Kelly are truly lovely people they always cheer you on and their daughter Jade. All of the members are awesome. I train 5 times a week now that's an hour travelling time, it's my 2nd home and having an extended family is great.

So if you are thinking about CrossFit but not sure, go for it because it's the best thing I ever did, it’s not a phase for me it's a way of life!"


"My name is Sam Riley. I am 51 years of age and I do CrossFit. I was persuaded by my wife in August 2015 to 'give it a go' and attended Westmorland CrossFit in Kendal with her to undertake a 'Fundamentals' course. After playing competitive sports and attending Gym's for most of my adult life, I thought I'd pretty much 'seen it all' and if truth be known I was struggling to raise any great enthusiasm for what lay ahead.

However! How wrong can one be? The Fundamentals course run by our Coach Liam Dobson, is an outline course designed to take 4 sessions of roughly one hour each. It is designed to give an individual a 'feel' for what CrossFit is all about and at the same time introduce them to the basic fundamental movements involved. Suffice to say, my wife and I turned up and immediately felt part of something good.

The class was full (10 people) of all ages, sizes and shapes and fitness levels. Everyone was welcoming and friendly and throughout the whole session there was a really positive community vibe going on. Liam taught the session with patience, humour and a high degree of technical skill leaving us 'thirsting' for more.

Even though that first session was a little over 4 months ago, my wife and I are now crazy about CrossFit. We have both become members and attend 4 or 5 times per week travelling a round trip of 40 miles each time. We have made a wide circle of new friends, some of whom have already become almost like family and with who we love to socialise outside of the Gym. Even at my age I have discovered a new interest within which I really feel that I can achieve 'something for me'. I have become competitive again and have already taken part in a 'Masters' event with several more planned for later in the year.

The thing I enjoy most about CrossFit however, is that the possibilities are endless. It is not boring. No two workouts are alike. The only competition within a class is with yourself. Every movement is scale able to fit an individual's personal needs. In addition, I can honestly say that I have found CrossFitters by nature to be a friendly, helpful, interesting, humorous and humble bunch of people.

I would like to give a 'big shout' and my sincerest Thanks to Liam Dobson and everybody at Westmorland CrossFit. My advice to people thinking about 'giving it a go' is 'Go for it and surprise yourselves."