Alasdair is our Sports Therapist (BSC) and member of the Society of Sports Therapists. He graduated in 2011 and has been practicing ever since. Alasdair is also a keen runner and involved with local athletics clubs, so has lots of experience working with runners. He has worked with multiple international athletes including GB mountain runners, marathoners, snooker players, cyclists and climbers. Being based in a Crossfit Gym, he has also worked with lots of cross fitters of all levels and understands the high intensity and strength required to progress in Crossfit.

He has a key interest in working with people suffering from overuse sports related injuries such as achilles pain or anterior knee pain. As a current County level runner himself, Alasdair understands the needs of runners and other athletes to return as quickly as possible and also understands the psychosocial implications of not being able to participate in your chosen hobby/sport/activity, which can be a massive part of people’s lives.

Since graduating, he has specialised in sports injury management and prevention with a focus on return to sport aims. However, he has also gained a lot of experience working with elderly patients and assisting in rehabilitation, or ongoing exercise maintenance following orthopaedic surgery.

AlaAlasdair Russell 07852 339574

Post Graduate Completed courses and Lectures:

From Pain to Performance 2013

Functional movement based assessment lower limb – ben McCormack 2014

Functional Rehabilitation of Shoulder Injuries
Nicola Phillips 2014

The Tendinopathy Continuum
Daniel Lawrence 2014

Clinical Reasoning in Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome to Drive Rehabilitation
Claire Robertson 2014

Running 2014 conference 2014

Rock Tape – born to move and power taping 2015

Yorkshire Knee Clinic – ACL reconstruction/ reconditionning with Bill Knowles ( iSPORT ) and Roz Cooke ( Physiotherapist England Netball ) , Carnegie Stadium ,Headingley. 2015

From Pain to performance conference 2016

UK Spinal Specialist Conference 2016

Rock tape – functional movement taping 2 2016

Spinal Manipulation and Mobilisation Technique Master-Class – john Gibbons 2016

Frozen Shoulder – jo Gibson 2017

The Athletic shoulder – Ben Ashworth 2017

Gait Analysis Lecture Paul Harradine 2017

Understanding and Evaluating Posture – Neil Asher courses 2018

The Arm Clinic – From rotator cuff tendinopathy or arthropathy 2018

Running Repairs 2day Course with Tom Goom 2019